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PCoIP Management Console release 3.1 is now available!  You may be interested in some new and notable features that let you do more.


  • Manage your deployment of PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards – this includes support for profile creation and profile migration scripts
  • Enable peering of PCoIP Zero Clients with Remote Workstation Cards – this enables the zero client to behave like an extension of the remote workstation card so it can wake the remote workstation card to power on prior to connection
  • Activate or deactivate endpoint licenses using the new and intuitive user interface
  • Protect your endpoints with security enhancements and bug fixes

Customers using brokering with their remote workstation cards should be aware of the following:

The Connection Manager Interface (CMI) is no longer available in the Remote Workstation Card with firmware 5.0.1

The re-addition of brokering by way of the PCoIP Broker Protocol is planned for a future release of PCoIP Remote Workstation Card firmware.

Using a free version of PCoIP Management Console?
PCoIP Management Console Enterprise 3.1 brings a multitude of features not available with the free version such as the ability to manage up to 20,000 endpoints, perform auto-configuration, enable remote device management, and much more. Those interested in exploring these additional features can access a 60-day trial.

Request a trial today

Using a trial version of PCoIP Management Console?
Be sure to download the latest version here. If you wish to purchase it as part of a Teradici All Access plan, contact a Teradici sales representative today

Not yet a subscriber to a Teradici All Access plan?
Don’t forget that the best way to maximize your investment in Teradici PCoIP technology is to subscribe to one of our comprehensive Teradici All Access plans – such as the Desktop Access or Workstation Access plan. Each provide a set of resources and support to ensure your PCoIP environment is up-to-date. Learn more

With the release of Management Console Enterprise 3.1 and more, we are excited to offer you the ability to manage more of your Teradici deployments efficiently through a single, easy-to-use interface. Thank you for your continued interest in Teradici PCoIP technology and solutions and if you have further questions, please contact us.